Australia Working Holiday for Malaysian?

Heard from my friend saying that Australia’s working holiday scheme is now opened to Malaysian. It is a good news to Malaysian who wish to go to travel and work in Australia. Of course, travel must be your highest priority to join scheme. The scheme is available to Malaysian on 1st February 2009.

Some friends asked me whether I will join this scheme. I think my answer will be “NO”. I have been in New Zealand  for 9 months and I think it is enough for me and I have been rest and relax for 9 months. It’s time for me to plan my future and career and it’s time to move forward again.

Program ‘Work and Holiday Visa’ di antara Malaysia dan Australia

The above link is the Malaysia official immigration web site about the Working Holiday in Australia. The title and the content seem to be a bit confuse to me. It says “Work and Holiday Visa in between Malaysia and Australia”. In that web page, it also mentions the eligibility to apply for Malaysia and Australian; and steps to apply for Malaysian and Australian. Is that means Malaysia is opening a working holiday opportunity to Australian too?

At the end of the page in the Malaysia official immigration web site about the Working Holiday in Australia, it says

Adalah dicadangkan supaya pihak Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia menetapkan kadar bayaran yang sewajarnya bagi program ini. Kadar bayaran yang dikenakan kepada rakyat New Zealand bagi menyertai ‘Working Holiday Program’ Malaysia/ New Zealand ialah sebanyak Rm90.00 setahun

What is the relation to “rakyat New Zealand” (New Zealanders) in this “Work and Holiday Visa in between Malaysia and Australia”. The content in this page seems to be inconsistance. If you are interested in this scheme, make sure you call to Malaysia immigration to check the terms and conditions; and also check with Autralia’s immigration websites before you actually apply.


  1. Ruey says

    thanks for the sharing ya….yup…i got a senior, she likes travel too, but also will choose NZ, to her, NZ and Aus will be quite similar, heard that WHV for Aus will more difficult to apply if compare to NZ WHV…if the working holiday scheme is for UK i’ll sure apply…but the UK WHV just ended last year(Nov 08)..sigh…

    All the best for your career…may i know what are you planning to do?i mean continue job at IT or….?

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